Love.Life Health Optimization Programs

Get peace of mind with comprehensive testing that empowers you to understand what’s really happening with your health.

Love.Life Telehealth Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle

Best for: Preventative care and fine-tuning health

Get the data you need to address any health concerns plus personalized protocols for sleep, stress, nutrition, movement, social connection and more.


Best for: Patients with a chronic condition or those who wish to focus on living longer and better.

Better manage, and in some cases reverse, chronic conditions and identify risk factors to increase health and increase lifespan.
Love.Life Telehealth longevity
Love.Life Telehealth Concierge


Best for: Data-driven decision makers who want direct access to their physician and cutting-edge testing.

Comprehensive healthcare with assessments ranging from epigenetics and microbiome to cardio vascular and cancer screenings.

The Love.Life Difference.

Conventional HealthcareLove.Life Health Programs
Average Length of Visit15 minutes30-60 minutes
Visit TypeIn-person appointments with lengthy wait timesConvenient virtual visits that start on time
Diagnostic ApproachTreats symptomsInvestigates root cause of disease and considers the whole person for a holistic view of your health
Lab & TestsBasic labs drawn once a year or at onset of symptomsComprehensive blood panels and testing designed to catch problems before they start
Treatment StylePrescriptions & procedures to manage symptomsLifestyle assessments & personalized protocols to help you sleep better, reduce stress, improve your diet in addition to evaluating appropriate treatments
Support AvailableLimited support outside of appointmentsAccess to health & wellness coaching for support & accountability, our comprehensive content library, and an online community group
Chronic ConditionsFocused on managing symptomsFocused on achieving optimal health for you


Our care team can match you with a doctor and help you determine which program is right for you.

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We offer both 30 and 60 minute appointments and comprehensive Health Optimization Programs.