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Jumpstart your well-being and proactively maintain your health.

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We recommend our Healthy Lifestyle program for those who want to prevent health problems before they start and get guidance on strategies for optimal health. It starts with a detailed health history and total body assessment with one of our board-certified physicians, and recommended lab panels to measure your baseline cardiovascular and metabolic health along with key nutrition and vitamin levels. You’ll leave the assessment phase empowered to address any concerns with a treatment plan that includes not only medical interventions (if needed), but also protocols for deeper sleep, managing stress, nutrition, fitness and more. Have a chronic condition or want care specifically for increasing lifespan and health span? We recommend our Longevity program.

  • Testing that goes further
  • 2x longer appointments
  • Nutrition plans
  • Health & wellness coaching
  • Sleep & fitness tracking
  • Community support

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We’ll delve into the six foundational pillars of Lifestyle Medicine: Relationships, Sleep, Stress, Exercise, Nutrition and Toxins. These are the pillars that are foundational for optimal health and healthy aging. Love.Life Telehealth’s intention is to provide an in-depth experience with each of the 6 pillars. You’ll learn evidence based and advanced tips and on how you can improve your life in ways than could help you lose weight, reduce blood sugar levels, boost your immune system, reduce stress, reduce your risk of heart attack and potentially reduce medications.  And this is just the start!

Better Sleep

Optimize your sleep with tips from lifestyle medicine doctors and finally feel rested.

Less Stress

Learn to better manage stressors in your life with an actionable plan.

Optimal Nutrition

Get nutrition recommendations
to maximize energy and optimize health.

Mindful Movement

Optimize your workouts and make lasting progress.

Reduce Toxins

Reduce your exposure with awareness & education to avoid risky substances.

More Social Connection

Gain strategies for feeling happier and more connected with family, friends & community.

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Recommended Labs
Initial Appointments
Follow-Up Appointments
Health & Wellness Coaching
Love.Life Community Access
Comprehensive Lab Panel
Dexa Body Composition Test
Biological Age (Epigenetics)
Microbiome Analysis
Multi-Cancer Early Detection
At-Home Phlebotomy
Cardiovascular Risk Assessment

Healthy Lifestyle


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Enroll monthly Enroll annually


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$200 (One-time fee)Included in program costIncluded in cost
2 x 30-min during initial assessment2 x 60-min during initial assessment4 x 60-min during initial assessment
3 x 30-min (once per quarter)2 x 60-min or 4 x 30-min as neededUnlimited within working hours
Group coaching sessionsMonthly 30-minute individual sessionsUnlimited
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