Health Optimization Programs.

Healthy Lifestyle Program
The healthy lifestyle program is designed for individuals looking to improve their overall health and wellness. Your doctor will partner with you to help you understand your current state of health more deeply, by measuring not only routine labs but also recommending the assessment of vitamins, omegas, and advanced cardiovascular markers. Your doctor will then work with you to create a lifestyle treatment plan to help you achieve your health and wellness goals, which will be supplemented by group health and wellness coaching, our online information library, and an online community so you have both the tools and support you need to succeed at reaching your personal health and wellness goals.
Price per month: $175 
If paid annually: $1,890 (10% discount) 
Recommended labs: $200 (one time fee during assessment phase) 

Longevity Program
The Longevity program is for individuals with existing health issues is designed to deliver a more comprehensive understanding of the patient’s current state of health, and an accompanying plan to help better manage, and sometimes reverse chronic illness.  By measuring comprehensive blood and urine markers, metabolic health, and body composition, your doctor will work to understand the underlying root-cause of your condition, and work with you to develop an individualized plan that will empower you to better manage your condition, improve your overall health and wellness, and to improve your quality of life.   

Price per month: $499 
If paid annually: $5,389 (10% discount) 
Recommended labs: Included in program cost 

Concierge Program 

The Concierge program includes a multi-faceted assessment that delivers the most comprehensive view of an individual’s health from one source. Focused on treating root cause, we look at every facet of health – mind, body, and spirit – to create personalized plans designed to prevent and reverse disease, improve healthspan and vitality, and optimize health.

Our doctors and team of experts analyze, connect, and synthesize health data to deliver a clear and actionable plan that supports your goals and unlimited follow up care with your doctor and health and wellness coach (within business hours) to help you implement your plan in your daily life in a way that works for you.   

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Single Appointments

In addition to our health optimization plans, we offer single appointments for short-term issues. We offer 30-minute appointments for $175 or 60-minute appointments for $350. The cost and time are the same for both new patient and follow-up appointments.

Thirty minutes is the minimal amount of time required for an effective visit with your doctor. If you would like more time with your doctor, you are welcome to schedule a 60-minute appointment, or schedule multiple 30-minute appointments spaced out as you see fit. 

Insurance: Cash-pay only 

Love.Life Telehealth is a cash-pay service. We do not currently accept insurance. Patients are able to use their FSA and HSA spending account cards to pay for appointments, and in some cases your doctor will be able to provide a “superbill” that you can submit to your private insurance company for partial reimbursement. 

We do know that some patients are fully reimbursed, some receive partial reimbursement, and others are not reimbursed. It depends on your medical condition, the diagnosis and treatment, and your plan deductible, out of network benefit, etc. 

Medicare patients are unfortunately not eligible to submit for reimbursement because the doctors who are eligible to see them at Love.Life Telehealth have had to opt-out of the Medicare system.