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Comprehensive telemedicine that treats the root cause of health issues not just symptoms — all from wherever you are.
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Love.Life Health and Wellness
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We offer both 30 and 60 minute appointments and comprehensive Health Optimization Programs.

Feel better for good.

Our Health Optimization Programs go far beyond traditional primary care. Finally learn what’s really going on within your body and get personalized protocols to help you thrive.

Healthy Lifestyle

Jumpstart your well-being and proactively optimize your health.

Love.Life Telehealth longevity


Treatment & prevention for chronic conditions and testing aimed to help boost longevity.

Love.Life Telehealth Concierge


Comprehensive care and advanced testing like epigenetics and microbiome.

Love.Life Telehealth Dr. Suzannah Bozzone
Love.Life Telehealth Dr. Niki Davis
Love.Life Telehealth Dr. Kim Scheuer
Love.Life Telehealth Dr. Keary O'Connor
Love.Life Telehealth Dr. Jeffrey Pierce
Love.Life Telehealth Dr. Elisabeth Fontaine
Love.Life Telehealth Dr. Christina Miller
Love.Life Telehealth Dr. Alon Sitzer
Love.Life Telehealth Dr. Colin Zhu
Love.Life Telehealth Dr. Amy Zacharias
Love.Life Telehealth Dr. Suzannah Bozzone
Love.Life Telehealth Dr. Niki Davis
Love.Life Telehealth Doctor Kerry Graff, MD
Love.Life Telehealth Dr. Jeffrey Pierce
Love.Life Telehealth Dr. Elisabeth Fontaine

Doctors who listen.

Compassionate physicians board certified in Lifestyle and Functional Medicine who empower you to take charge of your health.

Patient Testimonial 1 – Cathie

My medical history left me feeling like I was doomed to live out the rest of my days with a myriad of health conditions, limited function, and a suitcase full of pills. Dr. Miller helps me take control of my lifestyle and positively impact my health outlook. I can live a full life, not just manage my conditions.

Cathie, Idaho
Patient Testimonial 2 – Beth
When searching for a physician, it was important to me to find a physician whose ideology matched my own; to attempt change through lifestyle modification and if that wasn't enough, then judicious and appropriate pharmacological intervention. This is exactly what I found in Dr. Miller! My health and bloodwork markers are in the best shape of my life! I cannot thank Dr. Miller enough!
Beth, Iowa
Patient Testimonial 3 – Michaela

After being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, I started working with Dr. Davis. In 3 months my A1C dropped from 12.2 to 7.6. I lost 26 pounds and my cholesterol dropped from 215 to 168. I'm excited to see the changes and know I can continue and get my A1C and weight within normal range.

Patient Testimonial 4 – JP
As a physician and father of four in my mid-forties, I have spent the last twenty years caring for others while I watched my own health slowly deteriorate. Sadly, as a health care provider, I had some idea what I should be doing but I could not manage to bring it to fruition. Over the past four months, I have lost forty pounds and re-discovered energy I thought had left me forever.
Patient Testimonial 5 – Anonymous 1
I became sick with severe sinus, throat and lung inflammation. Dr. Miller came up with a plan for me. It seemed radical at first – lots of greens, removing inflammatory food and lifestyle changes. I stuck it out and six months later, I feel healthy! A completely different person. Your body has amazing abilities to heal.
Patient Testimonial 6 – Paul

I always thought I was a healthy eater but was blindsided at a recent doctor’s appointment when I was told my cholesterol and blood pressure were high. My combined cholesterol was 243 and my LDL was 172. What was worse is that a cat scan revealed plaque buildup in my left coronary artery. With three kids and a wife at home, I was worried. Within two months I dropped my combined cholesterol 100 points down to 143! My LDL was cut to 83. My inflammation markers are all very low and my blood pressure has returned to normal.

Patient Testimonial 7 – Anonymous, California
I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Scheuer. She was easy to talk to, informative, and compassionate. I walked away from that visit with more resources than I have ever gotten from a physician. AND it actually fixed my problem! Thank you for all you are doing to help people along the journey to true health.
Anonymous, California
Patient Testimonial 8 – Carolyn
From my very first telemedicine visit with Dr. Miller, I knew this was a positive choice for me; this type of medicine is a true partnership in my health and well-being. Dr. Miller worked with me to identify potential root causes, and explore options for the best way to treat the issues. I eliminated some foods, made other changes to work on my sleep hygiene, and over time saw improvements in my issues.
Patient Testimonial 9 – Anonymous, Idaho 2
When I got an A1C of 6.1 I hit the panic button. Working together with Dr. Miller I lost 30 pounds in just a few months. My A1C dropped to 5.2! The news just keeps getting better for me. My healthcare team is blown away by my results, and so am I.
Anonymous, Idaho
Patient Testimonial A – Anonymous
Dr. Miller is everything you would want in a provider: Empathetic, engaged, incredibly knowledgeable, and creative. Dr. Miller explained to me early that it wasn't so much learning to eat healthy and exercise but rather to identify as a person living a healthy lifestyle. By changing your identity, these lifestyle modifications do not feel like a diet or a program, but rather an evolution into who you were meant to be. I would highly recommend Dr. Miller to anyone trying to fully realize their wellness and potential to lead their best life.
Patient Testimonial B – Anonymous

I feel better than I can ever remember! I even lost 20 pounds in the process. I am a complete believer now that food can be your medicine! I encourage anyone facing any health issue to give it a try. It is 100 percent worth it and you have absolutely nothing to lose except a few pounds and maybe some meds!


Why Love.Life?

Virtual integrated medicine that addresses potential health issues before they start and treats the root cause of disease. Available in all 50 states + DC and internationally.

  • Longer appointments
  • Sleep, stress and nutrition protocols
  • Comprehensive blood panels
  • Health & wellness coaching
  • Cutting edge assessments
  • On-going care

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